Our Success Story

A young man from Lahore, Dr. Nouman Zia, took up a job as a Consultant Pathologist at Government Mayo Hospital Lahore, His hard work and honesty gained him popularity amongst other Pakistani hospitals. His good reputation earned him job opportunities at other clinical diagnostic centers, being a visionary, Dr. Nouman Zia started his own business in 2010 under the name of Shopcope РDiagnostic Centre. His sincere commitment to his work started paying off and the vision gradually turned into a success story. Today Shopcope РDiagnostic Centre has become one of the most recognized names in Pakistani diagnostic industry and has no intention of slowing down. A large part of Shopcope РDiagnostic Centre successful journey as a reputable diagnostic center has been its ability to stay on top of the trends in medical healthcare and diagnostic center. From our humble beginnings, we have transformed into the largest medical healthcare & diagnostic center in Pakistan. This has been a challenging, but rewarding journey.

Dr. Nouman Zia


Dr. Rakhshanda


Dr. A.R Tanveer