The Shopcope  Diagnostic Centre Department of Pathology is a state-of-the-art and comprehensive department providing a complete array of specialized and general services. These services include all five pathology roots, including chemical pathology, Hematology, Histopathology, Molecular Pathology, and Microbiology.

We are currently one of the leading Labs in Pakistan. Several standards and specialized examinations, including enzyme profile, Endocrine assay, General Biochemical profiles, karyotyping, and HLA typing, are available. A professional faculty member of consultants and technologists with an outstanding level of experience is dedicated and motivated to keep the laboratory updated with technology’s cutting edge. Specimens collected and tested in clinical pathology include blood, Urine, Sputum, Stool, joint fluids, Belly Fluids, Bone Marrow, and Pleural Fluid.


We remain committed towards providing the best possible cancer diagnosis and treatment services to our patients, and to this end, we continue to invest in state-of-the-art equipment. The Departments of Radiology at Shopcope Diagnostic Centre in Lahore, Karachi and  Islamabad are equipped with the latest technology to provide a full spectrum of radiology services that include not only diagnostic imaging but also complex and delicate interventional radiological procedures.

Numerous kinds of equipment cater to challenging conditions with safe and less invasive procedures with extraordinary precision. By adopting advanced techniques of the medical world, our professionals use digital technology for treatments.


In our vision of better healthcare, we see all stakeholders — from individuals, health plans, employers, and providers to government agencies, pharmacies, and life science organizations — united, striving for better whole-health outcomes together. We see the healthcare system on the same page in real time through integrated digital tools and shared data.

We see humanity at the core of every healthcare touchpoint. That’s the promise of connected healthcare. And for a fifth of the country’s population, we’re already making it possible. We’re putting people first and connecting them with the right balance of care, technology, data, and expertise. Whether through people, platforms, or process innovation — Shopcope is here to orchestrate positive, meaningful experiences and harmonize healthcare through the power of data.

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